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5 Reasons to outsource in your videogame developement

Videogames development outsourcing is an option for all kinds of companies and studios working on a project with a gaming perspective. Outsource a part of the development or the full cycle of it and focus on your core business. 

Outsourcing in videogames is a support service which will help you in specific parts of your game development or the complete game process. Whether you need assistance on art (concept art, 2D, 3D, animation, VFX or even marketing assets), design and QA (level design, game balance, UX…) including LiveOps or store publishing, an outsourcing company can take care of that. This way, if you are a non-gaming related company, you will have at your disposal a full team of experts willing to create that game for you. If you are a game company you will have an extra hand in monotonous tasks. We previously talked about how to create a successfull game, now we want to talk about pros to outsource in videogames.

1. Reduce cost in your videogame development

First of all, developing a game doesn’t mean you should create a game studio, exploring and learning the basics of the game industry. Outsourcing a project is much cheaper than hiring and training new people, expanding your workplace and buying new licenses. 

Also you don’t need to integrate new people in your studio team for specific tasks or concrete projects. We know how expensive and unnecessary hiring new people could be if you just need an extra hand.

2. We don’t like the Crunch Culture

Sometimes out of the blue tasks need to be taken care of and that’s something totally usual. Game studios work with very tight deadlines as their main client (players) are excited about the game or update. Working extra hours will generate burnouts in your team and you will risk their motivation and inspiration. Videogames are art, and rush is not the best friend of artistic processes!

Outsource those unexpected tasks in which you need to invest more time or those less creative for your team. If you have an important secret project NDAs are in our DNA! Outsourcing companies are all around the world, take profit from the time zone and work with remote teams whose office hours start when you’re heading home.

3. One Click Expert

Outsourcing companies are experts who will not need to be trained and will understand your in-house culture. That’s due to the amount of diverse projects they have worked in with many other companies such yours. Outsourcing studios work with the most innovative technology updated to market demand

Also, they can give you a fresh perspective about your project supporting you with other games experiences they have been involved on. In the end, this means more market perspective. 

4. Quality Control

Game outsourcing companies are experts helping and assisting development processes in the different stages, specific tasks (art, design, QA or publishing) able to create an entire game. So, their quality and commitment is their number one point of selling.

After agreeing on a budget for a project, you have an agreement with the company which means they will deliver a product meeting its quality service. This product is previously tested and polished to be the one the company feels confident to deliver to the client.

5. There is more than developing videogames

Developing a game is more than coding, designing and concepting art, some of the tasks are very monotonous and even tedious and we don’t recommend to waste your team creativity in these jobs. You have hired a very talented bunch of people and their skills are better used paying attention to detail, ensuring the big picture of the project or making relevant decisions. 

However, if you are not a gaming company, we don’t want you to invest time researching a new industry to create a studio just for one app, an experiment or a gamification tool. Time is money, and we want to save your time and make you save your money.

To sum up, use outsourcing in videogames as a tool to consider when you are a game developer. Organize your time and resources and analyze how much time you want to save hiring a team who can take care of more consuming tasks. Outsourcing services can help you with unexpected new deliveries of your game, or just with additional tasks such as marketing materials or extra environment

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