Best videogames for quarantine

Many friends and family ask us about best videogames for quarantine and thanks that, carry on with it in a more entertaining way.

You already know that a little bug called COVID-19 has come into our lives and even how this small thing is, it has turned the world upside down. We were warned many times in Hollywood, with big apocalyptic productions, about this kind of health crisis and, in spite of everything, here we are all countries fighting to get over. In Friday Mood we´re working remotely from home with all our team and clients so that rock and roll doesn’t stop despite viruses and quarantines.

If there is someone who doesn’t know what coronavirus is, we envy them, but for all those who have responsibly stayed at home and are living this confinement like us: working, relaxing (if it´s possible in any way) or studying from home, we´ve thought this post can help them to decide for a title that really makes them enjoy.

You know that when we finish a game, a TV show or a book we´re left like orphans. That feeling about what is coming won’t be so good and we don’t even know where to start enjoying a similar product again, invades us.

That’s why we want to make it easier for you to know new titles with different styles so you can try out a little bit of everything.

We´ve made a survey among all Friday Mood´s team and some super good games have come out and we think will help you to have a good time in the quarantine.


Game Dev Story

Plataform: IOS y Android

We love this mobile game because it´s a simulator of our professional world. The idea is to develop a videogame that will be a success selling millions of copies, so you have to make the best decisions as the company’s CEO. The argument is so close to us that we think it’s great. We also think this Kairosoft simulator is really very entertaining, simple and quite addictive.




Plataforma: IOS, PC y Xbox Live

Este RPG es una maravilla en todas sus plataformas desde que salió. Este juego indie de Supergiant es una joya para los sentidos: la música, los fondos, la historia y los personajes hacen que te sumerjas en el universo de Bastion y disfrutes de horas de juego la mar de entretenido. Desde luego es uno de nuestros favoritos como videojuegos para la cuarentena.

This RPG is a wonder on all platforms since it came out. This indie game of Supergiant is a jewel for the all the senses: the music, the backgrounds, the story and characters make you immerse completely in the universe of Bastion and enjoy hours of gameplay super fun. It´s certainly one of our favorites videogames for quarantine.




Plataform: PC, Nintendo, Xbox One, Playstation 4, IOS, Android (you can play it in all available platforms)

Terraria is already a 2D classic by Re-Logic . It combines action and adventure, a dose of survival and touches that remind us of an RPG. At first it looks like Minecraft, but then it has many objects, bosses and plots that differentiate both substantially.
It catches you and allows to do a lot of things, so it’s the perfect recipe for hours and hours of fun.



Cube Scape Paradox

Plataform: IOS y Android

Cube Scape is a saga of famous escape room games. They tell us the story of a detective who finds himself trapped between two different universes and needs to escape. Using logic and solving puzzles at every stage keeps your mind awake and entertained. Highly recommended




Plataform: IOS y Android

Episode consists of reading hundreds of interactive stories created by the community itself that allow you to experience different narratives in first person. The plots will change according to your choices.
This format is based on those famous Choose Your Own Adventure books that were so popular in the 90s but in game format and with the advantages of digital world.



With these options we hope that your forced staying at home will be more fun with these best videogames for quarantine, because, you know how important it is to feed gamer´s spirit while we are super responsible.

If there is a game you´d like to recommend us, we´re all eyes and we will read you in the comments. Ahh! and don’t forget to share if you liked it, you know there are a lot of orphaned videogamers out there that are going to like this.

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