Billionz, the mobile game

Billionz is the must-have mobile game that you will have to download from now on for Apple and Android

From Friday Mood in collaboration with Egogames, we have launched a unique game that mixes classic quizzes with an addictive challenge format.

The user will be able to be part of many quizzes of influencers, actors, sportsmen, sport franchises, cinema and television and everything, showing his knowledge on the topic and with the possibility of winning many prizes.

Celebrities and influencers.

For example, there will be quizzes for Harry Potter fans, for Sergio Ramos’ followers and many other celebrities who will prove how much their followers know about them.

You will be able to see your idols and influencers through video with exclusive content for all the billionaires around the world.

Solidarity and Billionz.

And it doesn’t stop there, thanks to the great interaction it allows and its wide possibilities, Billionz has designed a solidarity challenge that, thanks to the contribution of thousands of people to play in the exclusive quiz of their favorite stars, will raise funds for the fight against COVID-19.

Don’t miss updates on the official Instagram of Billionz and our account at to keep up to date on who and when they will be launching their fundraising quiz for such a good cause.

Remember, Billionz is a game to demonstrate your knowledge while you compete and achieve prizes, the perfect formula.

Billionz, the mobile game born in quarantine.

In Friday Mood we lived this launch with lots of emotion and enthusiasm. We have excelled as a team, because the crisis of the COVID-19 surprised us in the middle of the development and it has been a professional challenge to get it through with such a good result.

We strongly believe in this joint project with Egogames, with whom we have developed other video games that allow users to earn money while playing and Billionz now, is our baby star.

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