April 2020

We present you the April 2020 video games news and as you well know the COVID-19 crisis is affecting all industries in one way or another. The video game world has also been shaken by this situation and has left us with some interesting news in this month of April. April's big releases. March brought us great releases like the long-awaited Animal

Billionz is the must-have mobile game that you will have to download from now on for Apple and Android From Friday Mood in collaboration with Egogames, we have launched a unique game that mixes classic quizzes with an addictive challenge format. The user will be able to be part of many quizzes of influencers, actors, sportsmen, sport franchises, cinema and television and

Companies are always looking for methods to make their production processes more efficient and effective. And now, human resources and marketing departments seem to have discovered how video games can transform your business. Video games are attractive, engaging and have components that facilitate learning certain actions to achieve objectives, so more and more processes are being implemented and incorporated into the