How video games can transform your business?

Companies are always looking for methods to make their production processes more efficient and effective. And now, human resources and marketing departments seem to have discovered how video games can transform your business.

Video games are attractive, engaging and have components that facilitate learning certain actions to achieve objectives, so more and more processes are being implemented and incorporated into the business world.

Adobe, BBVA, McDonald’s, Starbucks and Samsung have already taken successful steps in this field, both to improve internal processes and to use applications that strengthen their marketing strategies. This article in Forbes magazine also refers to their benefits.

For these and other reasons, we want you to discover how a video game can transform your business and lead it to success more quickly.




Imagine that you´re in company selection process and, after the first interview, you should install an app. When you access it, you discover that it´s a company’s video game, where your knowledge and skills as a candidate will be tested.

Or you can have company employees earn badges or visualize their achievements as they meet the objectives set for their job, creatively reminding them of their goals and increasing their satisfaction achieving them.

The use of video games to transform businesses mainly focuses on making all those processes more entertaining and fun, thus facilitating increased productivity.

Motivation, psychology and entertainment are interwoven to get the users of these video games to behave in a concrete way, making them feel involved, which is not possible in any other way or, at least, effective.


Like any other leisure-focused video game, ones designed to function as a marketing strategies, candidate evaluation tests or training tools, must comply with some fundamental aspects:


There are very few games that don´t begin with a simple and didactic tutorial. The gameplay also starts this way, making sure that the player doesn´t feel overwhelmed with too many options at once.

This will help them to become familiar with the interface, know what to do at each moment and adapt more quickly. Most important, reducing the learning curve so that frustration and stress are not problems to be consider.


Beyond providing entertainment, a video game for a business must have a very specific objective; whether it is to evaluate knowledge, encourage productivity or improve communication between employees.

Once the main objective is clear, the rest of the video game must help to enhance it. And, of course, make very clear which kind of rewards are going to be obtained once it´s achieved.


Gamification is not only in the game itself, but also in all the customization elements can be added such as personal profile, photo, avatar and even alternative designs for the game interface.

So these features make the game a unique and personal experience for each employee and will make them more involved.


An easy video game is boring and ends up being abandoned. Gamificating a business should be the opposite, we must focus on the users of the video game or application having to make an effort to achieve the goals set.

Nor is it a matter of making it too difficult, but it does allow the employee or customer to feel that they are winning thanks to their intelligence and skill.


The fact is that employees can show what they have achieved to their colleagues and bosses, even by sharing it on social networks, will make it easier for the general interest in the use of gamified applications to be much greater.

Adding a collaborative mode within the game for greater rewards will make them understand the importance of teamwork.




Gaming has proven to be a very useful discipline in many businesses, both in the organizational and marketing aspects.

And the fact is those companies have decided to get into video games as part of their organizations have found very interesting benefits:

  • Increases employees motivation, achieving greater satisfaction with the company and the job they hold.
  • Encourages creativity, because objectives and difficulties can be established that allow employees to choose how to achieve them.
  • Allows for greater employee involvement, strengthening their loyalty to the company and reducing staff turnover.
  • Allows the development of specific skills and dynamics, being a powerful ally for the continuous training of users.
  • Provides an image of innovative business and that bets on technology. Ideal to attract the attention of new talents.

For instance, all these benefits contribute to an increase in productivity. The fact is,  gamification or using video games to transform a business has a great capacity for adaptation.  We hope we have taught you a little more about how video games can transform your business to achieve more efficiency,  more involved employees and organizational improvements.

In Friday Mood we can design these types of games or apps for your company, so what are you waiting for to revolutionize your business and enjoy all these benefits??.


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