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Hacer amigos online gracias a los juegos

Make friends online thanks to video games

Since video games revolutionized the entertainment industry, they have also positively influenced another area of our lives: social relationships. There are more and more people make friends online thanks to video without ever having seen each other.
Gone is that old-fashioned idea that video games are bad and isolate people from society, but quite the opposite. We can see this in both the legendary World of Warcraft and the addictive Pokémon Go.

How is that possible? Is it really possible to forge a friendship through a screen? Is it possible to have friends without any kind of direct contact?
Yes, it is possible. Thanks to the development companies that have bet on online communities, the best video games to play with friends are those that allow players to interact with others in very different ways, such as exchanging objects, collaborating to achieve things and even fighting against each other.
And this is the key: the need to achieve something that alone could not, enriching the fantastic experience of a video game even more.

The social component of video games.

Behind are the eighties, where internet was in its prehistoric times and young people crowded into the arcades. From there, many friendships arose, even love.
Why should the Internet be any different?
The emergence of MMORPGs, or massively multiplayer online role-playing games, allowed tens of millions of players around the world to interact with each other. With just one click and a few words in a chat, you can ask anyone to help you defeat that impossible boss on your own.
Studies show that up to 25% of video game gamers are there because of the social component, because of the bonding, and because they can be with their friends playing video games even if they’re tens or even thousands of miles away.

Making friends online is as simple as betting on a video game with high social interaction. You just need to find a community or clan that you can play with and the rest is done. Introduce yourself and let the magic of video games work for you.
To find them it’s a matter of searching in social network groups, channels in messaging applications or in specific forums of the game you want to spend your leisure time. Sooner or later someone will show up to play with you.

Friday Mood- Make friends online thanks to video games

Friendship through Internet.

Perhaps the most reticent about making friends online think that they are not going to support you in the worst moments of your life, that they are only interested in what is happening in their digital world and don’t care about the person behind it.
Nothing could be further from the truth. It has been proven that players support each other no matter what kind of problems they have. A sad or depressed person can find all the warmth they need through online video games.

Talking to these people every day, whether through written or voice chat, sharing the same hobby and working together as a team are key factors that will make them go deeper into knowing who is behind the screen.
And that will end up forging a good friendship, discovering the reality of people, sharing problems and being able to be themselves. It is precisely this last fact that has the most power when making friends online.

Expressing what you think and feel is complicated in real life, as your social environment may not be tolerant of your ideas and may not listen to you. Online video games, on the other hand, allow you to find those people who will. All you have to do is look in an ocean full of fish.

Mobile video games, the next evolution in making online friends.

Not only can you make friends online from a computer or console, but you can also play mobile games. We’ve already seen this with the Pokemon Go phenomenon.
According to the statistics of the video game industry, the mobile phone is the main platform for games, since 60% of people use it for their leisure time. The mobile phone is no longer just a communication tool, but a gateway to many worlds to explore and friends to meet.

Nowadays you can install many video games to play with friends on your mobile. You only have to find those that have focused best on creating online communities, such as clans and group chats, and enjoy playing while making friends from any corner of the world.
Don’t let your shyness or introversion stop you, let the embarrassment of meeting people face-to-face be an impediment to feeling fully social; video games are a great way to meet people and build long-lasting friendships.

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