Previous projects

Through our professional career, the promoters of Friday Mood have had the pleasure of working in interesting companies of different sizes. Thanks to this, we have obtained the necessary experience to be able to face the development of apps, webs and videogames, and thus be able to create this startup.

We could colaborate in videogames like Asphalt Xtreme, NOVA Legacy o The Love Boat – Puzzle Cruise from Gameloft. These games were made with next-generation 3D graphics and their own multiplatform development system.

We have also realized sports manager like NBA General Manager, Baseball General Manager or the collection of Fantasy Managers from several football teams with From The Bench. For this, the native application system was used, as they were 2D management games.

Furthermore, we have also worked in apps like MiFarmaciaOnline from Adora Media and other projects as freelancers before forming this company.