The perfect recipe for a successful video game

There can be different opinions about whether a video game is good or bad. Beyond the taste of each one, there are a series of common elements that we find in the most appreciated videogames and that can indicate to us the perfect recipe for a successful video game.
Narrative, playability, difficulty and graphics are what are most valued in videogames. Perhaps some people are more attracted to the story, while others look for it to challenge their gamer skills.
The great masterpieces of video games are able to bring all these elements together, making the final result a wonderful product that makes history. Even so, not many titles have earned that place in the Olympics of video games.
At Friday Mood we believe that the perfect recipe for a successful video game has to contain the following ingredients:

A pinch of good storytelling.

Charismatic characters, exotic worlds to explore, and a script that’s packed with action is often the perfect cocktail for many players.
It can’t be denied that Nathan Drake or the Master Chief – although the latter is never seen – have a personality and characteristics that we like very much.
But it doesn’t just come down to incredible characters, it also comes down to the world that the development team makes available for us to explore: from inhospitable planets at the intergalactic edge to our own replicated reality, video games have no limits.
What about history? There has to be a compelling enough reason for us to want to get into the protagonist’s boots. It doesn’t matter if it’s for revenge, love or pure interest, the videogame script has to be very well spun to fit the world and the protagonist in the best possible way.

Two tablespoons of gameplay.

Okay, okay. We already have an epic character, an incredible setting, and a thrilling story, but now we have to make sure that the player is able to enjoy it without suffering too much because the gameplay is terrible.
A lot of video games die early because this aspect has not been taken care of.

The gameplay should allow for an easy learning curve by introducing the interaction elements of the game in a progressive manner.
If a novice player has all the resources, skills, and powers of his protagonist at his disposal, he is more than likely to become saturated. He might get stressed out and not enjoy himself, leaving the game aside and having a bad opinion.

Playability is essential in mobile video games, for example. In this format, it requires immediate, addictive fun that doesn’t cost anything to learn, so if you master it in five minutes, you are considered to have great gameplay.
That’s the case with the latest release of Friday Mood: Ocean Clean Up. A fun game, with an ecological background, in which we have applied a large dose of gameplay to follow the perfect recipe for a successful video game.

Half cup of difficulty.

Another reason why video games are good is the challenges they offer. Achieving the perfect balance for players of all levels is difficult, but more and more video games are being adapted to the user.
Difficulty means satisfaction when you beat that ultimate villain, when you get the best armor in the game, or when you get an almost impossible combo that unlocks a badge. And that’s an incredible source of happiness.
If it’s up to the player to decide whether they want a roller coaster ride through hell itself or a ride on a swan-filled lake, so much the better. In the end, what matters is that the player gets the experience they’ve been waiting for.

Graphics, to the liking.

Years ago, the artistic aspect was a strong reason to qualify a videogame as good; nowadays it’s not like that anymore, and you just have to look at all the games and mobile apps you can download: simple animations, cartoon design and very focused on gameplay.
The graphics have to go together with the theme and the objective of the videogame itself. For example: an adventure game with a horror atmosphere needs graphics that accompany that feeling of fear.
The atmosphere transmits sensations, making the player immerse in that world that the team of artists and developers have created with so much care.
For example, the game Gris is a delight to the eye and has won many awards for the aesthetic masterpiece that is this development.

Friday Mood- The perfect recipe for a successful video game.

Make it playable, the icing on the cake.

Even if a successful video game meets all of the above elements, there is one more thing you should keep in mind: make it playable. Yes, even the ones with great scripts.
Or don’t you watch your favorite movie a lot?
So the perfect recipe for a successful video game also depends on how badly you want to play it again. And that, despite all those times, you enjoy it as much or more than the first time you ventured out to play it.
And for you, what video games fulfill this recipe for success?

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