The importance of the script in a video game

The graphics attract and the gameplay catches on, but the importance of the script in a video game is key to making it captivating. We’re talking about stories that remain in the memory, characters who generate emotions and make us vibrate inside.

There are video games that have wonderful narratives and adventures that could perfectly compete with many Hollywood movies. The fact is that video game scripts have become more and more important, making the experiences unique.

But what´s so fascinating about them? Why do we want to keep playing to find out how the story ends?

There are several elements to consider to create a formidable story that will be very hard to forget.

The video game genre, which defines everything

It doesn’t make much sense for certain video games to have a very elaborate script, since there are genres in which the development of the story is merely anecdotal. This happens, for example, in the fighting genre or in simulators.

However, there are others that benefit greatly from having a good narrative. You can write the script of a video game for shooters, strategy games and platform games. Plus, of course, graphic adventures.

Each of these genres will have specific needs, limiting or letting the video game writers free all their creativity and imagination. Especially when it comes to immerse the player in the plot and atmosphere.

A clear example is the classic Mario Bros. being a platform genre, the writer must focus on creating the world around a simple plot that enhances objectives, challenges and develops certain difficulty.

The relevance of a good plot

It´s true that not all games require a great plot, although due to the boom in mobile video games, we can see how there is a commitment to improve the story line in all formats.

The videogames with the best story are those that catch you from the very beginning, get you immersed in such a way that it seems you are inside the game.

Like in movie scripts are introductions, knots and outcomes, in videogames too; and to this we must add a whole secondary stories that intertwine with the main one, further enriching the gaming experience.

As a player, you no longer only enjoy being an observer, but you will be part of the story as the main character. This will make it exclusively up to you what actions and decisions to take, thus completing video game´s story.

There are also titles with more than one ending to explore, which makes it essential to play the game again to not miss out anything.

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The characters

The characters in many videogames transcend the pure style of a role-playing game, both the appearance and the background, or the one that offers you the script of the videogame is rich in personality. Examples are Kratos from God of War or Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.

They are a fundamental part, since these well-known characters have a very relevant weight in the narrative of the video game. They have been designed with characteristics that make them heroic, making players enjoy embodying them.

Whether they are humans, aliens or blue hedgehogs, a solid character within a good story is fundamental to its success. Even if he never speaks in the entire game, as is the case with Gordon Freeman of Half-Life.

The script of the video game

Another task of a video game writer is to develop all dialogues and narratives of the game. From the simplest explanations during the tutorial, to the conversations and reflections of the most psychotic villain. And that, without a doubt, requires a lot of talent.

In the script of a video game, all the conversations that the player must be captured; moreover, as many of them have different options, all the ramifications must be worked on, making the player feel free to decide.

You can see that in the best video game stories there is a good scriptwriter behind, managing to give character, personality and charisma to all the characters. And that’s thanks to a good development of the scripts.

The adaptation to the mechanics of the video game

Finally, the script of a video game may be spectacular but it doesn’t match the mechanics that were originally intended. Great stories can be forgotten because of poor gameplay.

We must not forget that the main essence of a videogame is to entertain the player, to keep him entertained for hours; and if it is with a good story, better. However, many games leave the script aside to focus on a repetitive and addictive mechanic.

And the best example of this are many of the mobile phone games you can download today that offer a good dose of fun and entertainment.

Better video games are being developed thanks to the power of the new smartphones. So now you can enjoy video games with great scripts just by taking your mobile phone out of your pocket and at Friday Mood we know this very well because we are dedicated to it.

We specialize in creating games and apps from scratch and we can also develop scripts for that idea you have in mind. Look at everything we’ve done so far here.

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